The Making Of Verti-Goat

Vergo epitomises life and it’s difficulties. There’s something quite funny about an animal who struggles to cope with the fundamentals of its being. In this case it’s a mountain goat with fear of heights and an inability to climb. But on a more it’s something we can all relate to and there are areas in life that we struggle with especially as children. Vergo was created to show you that we are not alone and the thing that makes you different from everyone else is usually the best thing about you.


I put an add up about the book project and about 50 people applied. There was some really beautiful illustrations sent in but I felt Hasan captured it best. I love his attitude and his passion for the book.

We meet for food/coffees as much as we can and I am grateful to call him my friend. Sometimes our very different accents cause difficulties as you can see in the illustration below where
‘Buck stands over his son Vergo’.

It took about 3 weeks and 7 illustrations before we were on the same page 😂 Pun intended